Monday, January 10, 2011

We're in a pickle. Being the magpie that I am, I see potential in objects that others would just see as being past it and rubbish, which brings me to our pickle. My beloved and I are no longer spring chickens but our furniture looks like it belongs in a student flat, or refuse tip. I'm loathe to buy something new, although it probably is cheaper than the alternative, reupholstery.

The art deco sofa is the first to have the do over, and eventually, by the time we retire maybe, the collection might not be looking half bad. What ever fabric we choose has to be able to withstand children, husband and animal and I think I have found it in this heavy duty weave. I'm over neutrals and need some happiness in the form of colour; Magenta, not for shrinking violets. I wish I could capture the colour a bit more accurately as it is truly divine in person. Watch this space for the finished product in a couple of months, as long as I don't chicken out in the meantime and opt for beige.


  1. Don't chicken out - the magenta is beautiful !

  2. Now you're making me nostalgic! One of my favorite happiest colours.