Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today has been a day of new beginnings. My beloved and I were up with the sun, in the car with GPS programmed, and off on a journey to meet what has turned out to be the newest addition to our family. Her owner for personal reasons could no longer keep her so I'm glad we've been given the opportunity to give her lots of love.

She is the same breed as my darling Iz, but with all cross bred dogs there are always variations. She is a lovely gentle dog, loads of energy, great with the children and travelled home in the car like a seasoned pro. It is going to take her a while to get used to the noises of town and cars as she is a true country dog;  taking her for a walk this afternoon provided her with a few stressful moments. Although she has been an outside dog in her previous life, she jumped up and fell asleep on the sofa like it was an old friend.

Exhausted After A Very Big Day On Her New Favourite Place To Sleep
She has of course come to us pre-named, and I'm having a bit of trouble marrying the name with this gorgeous bundle before me. Can I rechristen her or do I just have to get used to it? To me she looks and acts like a Bella, beautiful from hairy face to the tip of her tail, not her given name which is the name of an old Robin Williams movie that begins with J and ends with i, and she answers to the shortened version that just sounds like mangey which she isn't. The kids love her name.Whatever she ends up being called I'm grateful to have another dog to love.    

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  1. HUGE congratulations!!!
    She looks lovely,
    I´m sure she will get used to the city noise and that you will get used to her name;)
    It giving and taking even in the relationship between humans and animals!
    I have to make compromises every day,when I hang out with The Skating Monkey!
    Love to you