Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well Hello, it's been awhile. Life's been happening and I've been doing loads of reading of others blogs (missing your posts K), drawing inspiration from images on Pinterest and catching up with friends on, the much maligned by some, Facebook. That was when I haven't been baking, cleaning, laundering, vacuuming, gardening, pruning, which eats away at most of my days. I long for my Fri(ee)days and I've missed a few so they're being claimed back this week.

This was the state of the dining table last night at 11.30. It's the result of finding a collection of corks, saved from many a good occasion with friends. Then an idea springs from the grey matter, and the hunt is on for a piece of leftover customwood and blackboard paint from another creation, the hot glue gun and PVA. I enjoy working things out as you go along, and the discovery that you should have done something differently. Nevermind, next time, but I think this is a once off. Thank goodness for cast iron pans, very handy things for cooking, weighing things down and for dealing with philandering husbands, not that I have any personal experience of the latter.

And this is the result which, when I drag out the ladder and my favourite tool the power drill, will hang above the french doors in the kitchen. The previous occupier of the abode had MILK, and I did contemplate W(h)INE, but I think this suits the corks and me. There's many a memory contained within; the point on the G is a 1998 St Henri Shiraz which was particularly good, many Milltons corks,the 2002 vintage is well represented, perhaps because I took part in the 2003 which wasn't such a good year. Some years are good, some not so, isn't that life.

Lastly, our family has grown by five. This is Fluke, Dory and Fishy, the other two are hiding under a rock somewhere. I thought Goldfish were relatively low maintenence, keep their environment clean, feed them and Bob's your uncle, but not these guys. They will not come to the surface to eat so we have to hand feed them, because you can't let the food sink or it creates nitrogen, blah de blah, dead fish. We don't want that. I'm hoping that as the waterlillies grow and spread out they may relax a bit more. I live in hope.