Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Christmas present arrived back from the electrician the other day. My beloved was the highest bidder at the auction room over a month ago, but the wiring was a bit too original to be safe so the trip home was delayed. Never mind, it's here now and I love it. He's quite surprising that man of mine sometimes.

It has little hooves on its tripod base

and vine leaves wind all the way up,

and it casts just the right light to work under in the evening. I love beautiful, quirky things that have a purpose, so best I start using it and get creating. 

Have a great week


  1. What a fascinating lamp! I love it's proportions & the detail (& the suitcases in the background) What a wonderful gift. Not too much swimming in the river just right now then. Much love Catherine

  2. If this rain doesn't let up we'll be able to swim in the streets. The hills won't be looking as parched next time we get to the valley for a dip.

  3. Amazing gift - my husband surprised me one year with 6 beautiful plates to put on my dresser. You are right, occasionally they can surprise you!