Thursday, June 9, 2011

… what else has been happening apart from jaunts outside at night with the camera? A bit of book buying and reading for one.

Thanks to Catherine for your recommendation. A good, light read and all finished so if you would like it let me know and I'll pass it on. When I was buying it I saw the other and thought, "What's better than one book about a vintage clothing store? Two." Completely different stories though, and the second went off suddenly at the end on a tangent that left me with a what the? Now I've gone back to my old faithfuls and have dug out A Year in Provence from the bookshelf. I love rereading books after a big gap of years. It's like rediscovering a long lost friend. 

A new friend discovered is this. I don't like ironing as can be witnessed sometimes by my slightly crumpled, wash and wear attire. I do iron some items but spending an afternoon removing all traces of a crease is not me, but I love ironed pillowcases. I love ironed pillowcases that smell of roses even more. Waking up with the aroma of roses is bliss. 

Now I'm going to go off on a tangent. Little Miss R decided to use my camera when I wasn't looking yesterday and I've just discovered this photo she took amongst dozens of others. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I do believe my darling dog is smiling- I may be biased but isn't she gorgeous.

And now I must dash as I have party invitations waiting by the front door to deliver so can't be late to school.  

Have a great week, and leave a comment if you can as I love receiving them


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  1. Your "corker" the other day made me smile out loud Flossie..I do love that wee word. Aren't you pleased that the dog needed to go out..great shot. Said dog in sneaky photo, I expect : ) Perhaps Eau De Linge may cover smelly dog lingers too. How divine... rose scented pillowcases. Funnily enough I just found The book at the library a couple of days ago in large print ha ha...thanks for the offer. Yes, love A year in Provence..excellent choice for winter reading. Have a chipper week. much love Catherine x