Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another birthday has been and gone, and so lovely to receive this precious treasure in the post from a much loved friend.
The other precious treasure whose small hands you can see is turning 5 in a couple of weeks, my Bastille Day baby. Life for both of us is about to change dramatically and I'm going to finally have that elusive thing called "time", freedom to do something for me. Absolutely terrifying. I'm pondering on going back to school too as there are things that I wanted to explore when I was younger that I didn't as life and the necessity to survive put them out of reach. Suddenly, it seems, they are a possibility. Is 41 too old to go back to study? With sheer optimism I'll say "no it's not". New challenges and adventures await; wish me luck.



  1. Happy, happy birthday Floss. What a lovely gift. All the best indeed for what lies ahead. It is never too late! I just picked up a wonderful book at the Salies today, perhaps you have read it? "Life is so good" the story of George Dawson. I read quite a bit while waiting for a new stay to be fitted to my car. George learnt to read at the age of 98! Isn't that just wonderful : ) "Every morning I get up & I wonder what I might learn that day. You just never know".... Much love Catherine