Monday, June 20, 2011

This is our first winter here in this house. What was a welcome sanctuary from the sun and heat of summer has turned into a dark and shady place in the cold of winter. You can't have it all, but it would be nice.

I planted a lot of this variety of lavender at the end of summer with the promise of them flowering the following year. This particular plant has had a kindly daisy put its arms around it and blanket it from the chill, and out of so many it is the only one that has a flower, a solitary spike. Tomorrow is midwinter and the turning point of the year. The sun will return, the clothes will dry on the clothesline instead of the dryer and my melancholy will pass. Hope is embodied for me in this small flower.



  1. Yes indeed damp bits & dark are quite a can be quite hard to remember what it was like having to water all the time & how it was so lovely the day you all went for such a sunny time at the Esk river...brrr. Funnily enough, just after you did that post we were out garden checking at Dad's at Eskridge & thanks to your reminder were able to head out that way too. Is there access through the camping ground? Have you given your little lavenders a wee trim to keep them compact? Looks like a lovely deep purple drying variety. I have made lavender shortbread a couple of times...not quite sure if I love it or not..right kind of lavender though. Much love Catherine x