Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crikey, the last month has zoomed by. Christmas really will be here before I know it and then the panic will set in. No, calmness will prevail.

Last Friday I ventured forth on a mission to find some fabric. I love finding fabric but sadly there aren't multitudes of fabric shops here. For the first time ever I failed dismally, not one metre came home. Instead I bought some wool and a crochet hook, in an attempt to see if my fingers would remember what my Nana taught me all those years ago. I discovered it's a bit like riding a bike, you don't forget.

It's not perfect (the importance of counting was slightly overlooked so lots of unravelling and redoing has happened) but full of "character". The colours are a tad bright (influenced by the very summery cotton dress I was wearing at the time, and it was a beautifully warm spring day). It's a make up as you go, no pattern as such, but the pattern for the flowers came from a kind and generous blogger who has shared her design here. I'm wondering if once I'm finished it will behave for me and not be quite so unsquarelike. Nevermind, first attempt. It is very addictive so I'm only allowing myself to crochet at night otherwise I'd be engrossed all day.

 I love the flowers. Design for the next cushion cover is firmly fixed in my head, but I'll finish this first.



  1. I LOVE your cushion!! I know just what you mean about addictiveness I have lost many a day to such pursuits. Seems to me it would look fabulous on the new couch : )

  2. I'm IMPRESSED;)
    Love your design, the colours, yes everything!

  3. Evangeline Beulah is one heck of a name. She must have been one heck of lady.

    It seems strange to think of your quince tree in flower when mine is doing the opposite.

  4. my absolute favourite colors!
    My heart is singing...

    thankyou for your kind words, they also fill my heart.