Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In my loathing of all things beige and blah have I made an impetuous, terribly expensive, error?

The camera slightly freaked out and didn't know where to focus, and neither did I when I walked in this afternoon to find it sitting in the living room. My beloved neglected to tell me it was back from the upholsterers and decided I'd find out soon enough.

My marvellous magenta monstrosity is giving me the happy feeling, it's just so loud, like my secret self I hide inside.

My next mission is to keep the kids from jumping and sliding on my old dear with her new dress, and keep Miss Canine off too. I've a hard road ahead of me on that front I feel. Oh and there's the new cushions to make. Perhaps a crochet granny square? The possibilities…



  1. LOVE the colour - I see it with a row of different jewel coloured velvet cushions !!!

  2. It's beautiful... the colour the better for me.

  3. It's got a lot of passion and heart, very modern Frida Kahlo. Congrats!!

    Lorraine :-}