Friday, July 15, 2011

What do you do when you are asked by your child "can we please go to the toyshop?" for the hundredth time because they "really need a toy cat". You don't take them. Oh no. Instead you ask them to draw what the cat looks like and attempt to recreate it. This had the potential to end in tears(for me) and tantrums(for her), but it didn't. Miss R's cats always have particularly long ears, legs and tails and I wish I could find the drawing she did for me but I think the dog may have eaten it, or it has been hidden somewhere by little fingers. 

It likes lazing around,

but will stand if given something to lean on. I loved making it as it's something completely different to what I'd normally do and Miss R is incredibly happy so all is well. She is besotted with felines but we haven't had one since my darling old cat passed away before Miss R was born so this will have to do for the moment. Actually this does look very much like old Corrigan the tortoiseshell.

Little girls, and big, have always loved cats though. This is my lovely Nana taken almost a century ago in her parents garden with her cat. I wonder what it was named? I wish I could ask her. 



  1. A very friendly cat, hanging around with a little blue bird,
    I like that:)

  2. Ah! Much better to make it, much to thre dismay of the daughter...good for you.

    I just came back from the north island last week, it was warmer there!
    Thabnks for your pearl..I like it..

    Will add it to my collection.