Monday, April 18, 2011

The past two weeks have passed by at lightening speed. What have I been up to apart from the usual work, home, trying to juggle everything stuff of life? Well, one thing out of the norm was a costume for a ballet recital that was made after much procrastination on my part. I have a fear of sewing lycra which I'll have to get over as there'll be a few more costumes to make over the coming years. The two performances of the Yellow Brick Road were performed without a visible hitch last Saturday and I had one very happy little girl. She has no fear of being on stage and I'm in awe of her confidence. Here's Miss M doing a twirl before we rushed out the door on Saturday night in all her Munchkin glory. Today was the first day of the school holidays. Rain, wind, cold, DVD's, and a roaring fire. I'm sure the girls will progress to the dress ups over the next few days where the munchkin costume now lives.


And what else has been happening? On a particularly dreary day after my last post I had a wonderful surprise. All that we usually receive in the mail are bills, but on this day a large envelope arrived… 

...all the way from Sweden, half the world away. The postie had gone out of his way and put it on the front porch, out of the rain and I was grateful that he did. Inside was a beautifully handmade card that now sits on the mantelpiece with some other much treasured things. 


Also inside is something I'll share when it arrives back from the framers, which should be this week. So exciting!

I went fabric shopping yesterday so this week my old, faithful sewing machine (that detests Lycra) is going to be dusted off again. I found some colourful brushed cotton for some new Pyjama pants for the girls, and some other gorgeous fabric for something else, for somebody else. Secret Squirrel…  



  1. Well done with the costume - brings back memories. Mysterious parcel - look forward to seeing the result. Happy Easter to you all !