Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's a connection I feel with Brooke Fraser. It stems back to being an eleven year old, at what we call intermediate school. A horrid boy, who thankfully I don't remember the name of, said to me "are you related to Bernie Fraser?" who was an All Black(Representative NZ Rugby player) of the time. My innocent and dumbfounded reply was "No". His answer "well your thighs look like his". It has stuck with me and I have gone through periods of loathing my ample thighs. They have come in handy for climbing steep hills so I'm at peace with them now. Brooke is a gorgeous, talented and intelligent Kiwi girl and I'm sure she would be proud to have her dad's thighs, although I think she would be tall enough to carry them off regardless of anyones comments.

Miss R and Miss M and I were trawling Youtube this evening. They and I love this and "Betty" by Brooke. They also love Lady Gaga (although Miss R said she never wanted to watch the video of bad romance again as it was scary) who is the complete antithesis of Brooke, but both hugely talented. The chorus of something in the water reminds me of the Finn Brothers (Split Enz, Crowded House). Enjoy



  1. Yes, I love this song too and she is a talented lady. How about chopsticks for the dog???