Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some of the lovely things about living in an old neighbourhood are the history of the homes, the plants that have survived many generations and the mature trees, and sometimes making new discoveries.

Hanging down above the clothesline was this mystery that I had never come across before. At first I thought it was a pear, but thanks to the wonders of Google I found out it's a Quince. The crop isn't huge, only six fruit hang down ripening in the sun, so I think I'll just admire them this season. Can you make anything with six Quince?


  1. Hello Flossie, how wonderful...quince! They are so delightfully ornamental but even 6 could go a long way. There are dozens of things to do with a quince. I really like them cooked with apple & sometimes feijoas too. If you cook them for a long time, slowly, they will turn the most amazing deep pink colour...quince jelly is also delicious. Pop in here if you have a second http://thequincetree65.blogspot.com/2010/01/meet-quince-tree.html
    you'll find soo many recipes here for quince stuff : )
    Happy quincing.
    Much love Catherine

  2. Thanks Catherine, you're an angel. I'll have to do some more googling to find out when to pick them.


  3. ...Quince tarte tatin. A half dozen should be just right!

  4. Hello Flossie I have just popped in for a wee visit. If I may suggest..pick your quince when they are really nice & yellow & very fragrant..they may even begin to drop by themselves at this point. I saw some for sale this week but I thought ooh no way to green! Probably another few weeks yet. If ever you have enough to make a jelly just cover them whole with water & gently simmer til they almost collapse etc They can have quite course bits inside like some pears do. I have made quince paste a few times..quite time consuming but utterly delicious & you feel quite smug when coming across a tiny pot later selling for $10 : ) Much love Catherine