Thursday, December 2, 2010

This is a self imposed 5 minutes peace from packing boxes. The movers will be here at 8am tomorrow and we still have loads to do. I'm still decidedly zen but that all may change. Deep breaths...

If it's not becoming a wee bit obvious I am somewhat of a magpie, and I think it may be a genetic trait. These are old cards of another Great Aunt, Ruth this time. She held on to them for a life time and now I'm doing the same. They're not only interesting for the images that they've captured, but for the little snippets of life that are woven in their words. There are birthday greetings, little love letters from my G.Grandfather Will to my G. Grandmother, and postcards sent from another family member early last century from all over the world. It must have been a mammoth journey, sailing from the bottom of the world as he did. There is one that I'd love to find the time to research (top left corner). It is written in German and has a feldpost stamp on the back, dated 5th of June 1918. I don't know how this came to be in my Aunts possession but I know she was not the intended recipient. I really need to scan these before they become  more worn. Never enough time. Back to the packing...  


  1. Lovely posts - amazed that you found time with the move about to happen. Hope all went well.

  2. Deep breaths turned to a bout of hyperventilation the next day but all fine now, just a mountain of boxes to unpack and find new homes for. Thanks for your comments and thoughts, they're much appreciated.