Monday, May 23, 2011

My Grandfather and I , taken a lifetime ago in the 70's when I hadn't yet reached double digits. The sweetest Papa, one of 14 children, and father of 5. He shared household chores when it wasn't the norm, hung out washing, vacuumed, and always washed the dishes after every meal. He was a builder, and when he retired taught others. I know how to hit a nail home and use a table saw, while keeping my fingers attached to my hand, because of him. There were boxing trophies from his youth which never quite made sense to me as he was a gentle man, a Gentleman.

Tom, Thomas, Papa call him what you will. Scar on his back from being run down by a horse when he was a boy. Bald head with wispy white hair on top he insisted would grow back if his head was massaged. Why am I thinking about you now?

Today my mother-in-laws neighbour gave me some wood offcuts for the fire. He said "corker". Corker is a term Papa used and I hadn't heard it in over 20 years. Benzine is another but I doubt I'll ever hear that used again. Isn't it funny how a single word can bring back a flood of memories?

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of corker is one who is excellent or remarkable. Papa you were a corker! This is a word that deserves to be used more often.

Wishing you an excellent and remarkable week



  1. Your Grandfather looks like a very nice person!
    I know what you mean with "certain word" that are connected with special people and memories...

  2. Oh Flossie, I loved this little post. Thank you. I have thought of your lovely reflections often through this past week. My Grandad used the word corker often...such an endearing term...I am practicing making use of it...and my my Pa used benzine. I'll never forget traveling once with Nan & Pa, we stopped in Palmerston North for benzene only Pa put in diesel..not a happy man! Glad that you liked the sound of the let me know what you think of it. Love Catherine.